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1. introduction
These websites, written on this website, will be able to manage your use of this website’s standard terms and conditions. These conditions will be implemented fully and effectively for the use of this website. By using this website, you agree to accept all the terms and conditions here. If you disagree with the standard terms and conditions of any of these websites, then you should not use this website. People or people under 18 years of age are not allowed to use this website.
0. Intellectual Property Rights Under these conditions, in addition to the materials you have, atlantichealthcare.us and / or its licensors have all intellectual property rights and content in this website.
You have been given a limited license only for the purposes of viewing the material contained on this website. Slavery
You are specifically restricted from all of the following
Publish any website content in any other media;
Commercialization of sales, sublicense and / or otherwise any website content;
Showing publicly and / or any website content;
The use of this website may or may not be harmful on this website;
The use of this website in any way affects the user access to this website;
The use of this website may be applicable to law and regulation, or in any way
Damage to the website, or any person or business entity;
Regarding this website, any data mining, data harvesting, removal of data or any other similar activity;
Use this website to join any ad or marketing.
Some areas of this website are restricted from your access and at atlantichealthcare.us at any time, at your sole discretion, this website may restrict your use in any area. Any user ID and password you have for this website is confidential and should be maintained.
Privacy too
0. In these websites, your content standards and conditions, “your content” shall mean any audio, video
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0. There is no warranty This website is provided with all errors, “as is,” and atlantichealthcare.us number
Representation or warranty, any type related to this website or content contained on this website. Apart from this, anything contained on this website will not be interpreted as giving you advice.
0. Limit liability to any event atlantichealthcare.us, neither its officers, directors and employees will be liable for anything arising from the use of this website
Even if such liability is under contract or not. atlantichealthcare.us including its executives, directors
And employees shall not be liable for indirect, consequential or special liability arising in any way or in any manner related to the use of this Website.
0. Indemnity You will not suffer in any way related to these provisions and / or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damage and expenditure, and more. Full Compensation Compensation for Com Rule
0. Average If any provision of these conditions is found to be invalid under any applicable law then such provisions will be removed without affecting the remaining provisions.
0. atlantichealthcare.us To change the conditions, these conditions are allowed to be modified at any time, and by using this website, you can expect to review these terms regularly.
0. Assignment atlantichealthcare.us is permitted under these conditions for assigning, transferring and subdividing their rights and / or obligations under any notification. However, you are not allowed to assign, move or subdivide any of your rights and / or obligations under these Terms.
0. Entire Agreement
These terms atlantichealthcare.us and you constitute the entire agreement between the relations
Behind the use of this website and all previous agreements and understanding.
0. Governing Law and jurisdiction
These conditions will be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the state
Delhi, and you are located in non-specific jurisdiction and federal courts of the state
Delhi for any dispute resolution